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Blackout Sleep Mask.

Blackout Sleep Mask.

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We tried a fair few mask and this was by the far the best design we came across.

Silky smooth, luxurious external material means it feels amazing while still being breathable.

 Once it’s on, it’s soft foamy insides adapt to your lumps and bumps for a snug fit that makes things darker than an Ambo’s sense of humour.

The adjustable strap is wider than most and it doesn't have any velcro, so it doesn't snag your hair or your pillow. It stays put no matter how much you toss and turn, and it suits side, back and front sleepers.

The design means it won’t put pressure on your eyes while you’re wearing it and makes it 10/10 in the comfort rating.

Use it as part of your sleep hygiene routine to improve and optimise your recovery and sleep, or use it during mindfulness and meditation to really zone in on your zen!

Introductory offer of free postage for Australian and NZ customers.


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